Posted: September 29, 2015 in Interview, MVC Q&A

What is a MVC ?

Brief Answer


What is a Controller ?

Brief Answer

A Controller is one of the components in Model-View-Controller. Its role is to dictate what to do behind the scenes and to display in the view next. All actions methods we put in MVC .

  • Controller receives a request.
  • Controller decides the requested activities based on request parameters.
  • Controller delegates tasks to be performed based on request parameters
  • Controller delegates the next view to be shown.


What is a View ?

Brief Answer

 A view is a part of Model-View-Controller. It is nothing but user interface to view and modify the data. The data are presented in a particular format, triggered by controller’s decision to present the data.


What is a Model ?

Brief Answer

 Models is responsible for managing the data of the application. It responds to the request from the view and it also responds to the instruction from the controller to update itself.


What is a View Engine ?

Brief Answer

 Aview engine is responsible for rendering for the view in html form to the browser. By default ASP.NET MVC supports webforms(ASPX) and Razor view engine. However there are many third party view engines (like SPARK and NHAML) that are also available for ASP.NET MVC.


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